Faulk likes Elliott’s future

Hall of Famer, NFL Network analyst and occasional mentor to Ezekiel Elliott. In the months leading up the draft, Marshall Faulk added the latter to his rsum.

Faulk met Elliott several years ago at the Nike Opening, a football camp for elite prospects, while Elliott was in high school at John Burroughs. Their relationship deepened several months ago when Elliott hired St. Louis based agent Rocky Arceneaux.

Arceneaux also represented Faulk during his NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams. Faulk counseled Elliott on the pre draft process, what to expect, and what teams are looking for in today’s prospects. Elliott ended up going to Dallas at No. 4 overall, making him one of the highest drafted players ever to come out of St. Louis.

"I think the key thing with Ezekiel that you have to understand is this here he was raised by a good family," Faulk said. "They have tanie koszulki piłkarskie both parents in the house. He’s the older brother to two sisters, so you’re not going to see him mistreating women. He comes from a very good background."

Faulk made note of Elliott’s athletic background. His mother, Dawn, was a track star at the University of Missouri, His father, Stacy, was a linebacker for Mizzou.

"When (some) think about what they passed down in talent, I think about what they passed down as far as how to carry themselves," Faulk said. "The kid was raised right."

As for Elliott on the football field, Faulk sees similarities to himself although maybe not in the way one might anticipate.

"What I like about him and what I liken to myself is you watched him play at Ohio State with all sorts of talent and it wasn’t like he was always featured," Faulk said. "But whenever they gave him the ball, he was productive. He’s not the kind of back that needs a lot of carries to be productive, but he can handle a lot of carries.

"And I think that’s the thing in today’s NFL. You’re gonna be a feature back, but your team comes out throwing the football. But let’s say come the camisetas de futbol baratas second half you get 20 touches. You have to be ready. A lot of bell cow backs, you lose them if you don’t get them carries early in the game and get them going."

But that wasn’t the case with Faulk during his time with the Rams, or with Elliott at Ohio State. Overall, Elliott displays some of the running receiving versatility that was at the heart of Faulk’s talent. But he doesn’t appear as elusive as Faulk as a runner.

"I don’t know," Faulk said. "At times playing at Ohio State, they overpowered people and it wasn’t something that he had to display. Because of his track background he can run. . In the conference that he played in he ran away from people. You think about how they play football in that (Big Ten) conference, it’s about getting the tough yards."

VALENTINE’S DAYAfter an injury plagued 2015 season at Nebraska, defensive tackle Vincent Valentine was criticized by some draft analysts and members of the media for his decision to turn pro early. But his third round status says otherwise, as does his recently signed contract for $3 million over four years. The deal with New England includes a $645,000 signing bonus.

Only the signing bonus is guaranteed. So Valentine, who played at Edwardsville High and is from Madison, isn’t set for life. But it’s a good start.

"I put it all in God’s hands," Valentine told New England reporters after he was drafted. "I knew he would take care of me. No matter where I went I was going to work my hardest, put my all into it. So I mean I’m definitely happy with the pick that happened for me. . I decided to come out and I think it worked out great for me."

In a Post Dispatch interview just a few days before the draft, Valentine declined to disclose which teams were interested in him. Now we know why. The Patriots are among the league’s most secretive when it comes to the draft. But after the fact, Valentine was more than happy to detail the Patriots’ interest and it was extensive.

"I actually talked to them at the (NFL Scouting) Combine," Valentine said. "And then the next time I talked, I had a workout with Michael Lombardi."

Lombardi has the title of assistant to the coaching staff with the Patriots. Valentine said he had a subsequent workout with defensive line coach Brendan Daly (who was on Steve Spagnuolo’s Rams staff in St. Louis from 2009 11). Valentine also was brought to Foxborough, Mass., for a pre draft visit.

"I was definitely busy with the Pats, and I mean, I was excited," Valentine said. "I thought I had a chance of them taking me, but it worked out exactly how I wanted it to work out. . It’s always exciting to go to a team where you’ll be able to compete for a Super Bowl right in the beginning of your career."

Some of the pre draft criticism of Valentine questioned his work ethic and conditioning. At 6 feet 4 and 329 pounds, he’s like a huge mound of clay ready to be molded by NFL coaches.

"I have a lot of weaknesses," he said. "I’m working every day, trying to get better. The coaches are bringing us along. We’re getting the best coaching, so I think all of my weaknesses will be worked on, definitely, throughout this whole offseason."

LEGENDS UPDATEThere’s a new feature to the July 23 Legends of the Dome charity flag football game organized by former Rams wide receiver Isaac Bruce.

"We’re excited about coming back," Martz said. "It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Hopefully, we’ll get some people there to see the guys in one final swan song, I guess."

Among the 38 players are 11 who combined to earn 41 Pro Bowl berths. Two of those 11 are Hall of Famers Orlando Pace and Aeneas Williams. Recent additions to the roster include linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa and the "Donut Bros." offensive linemen Adam Timmerman and Andy McCollum.

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